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About us

Strong Engineering

We care about code quality and best practices. We have a depth of experience in network security, mobile, web, and big data.

Clean Code

We strongly support online privacy, care deeply about web security, and are a little obsessed with software engineering best practices.

Design Thinking

We seek to understand our users. We use a user-centric model of building software.

Creative Team

Our team's skillset covers the gamut from frontend to backend and everything in between. We thrive working remotely, but meet face-to-face when needed.

Hello, we’re Elbii, a small, potent web application consulting firm in San Francisco. We've hacked on projects for clients large and small since we hatched out of our garage office in 2013. Check out some of our open source contributions, read some of our thoughts on development, or learn more about us.

Software Engineering 88%

Web Development 78%

Marketing 82%

Using software as a Business Strategy

What we do?

Our Services

Flexibility built in

From Postgres to Bootstrap, Rails to Flask, or Trello to Asana, we speak the language of the modern web development workflow. Get in touch with us to see how you can leverage our unique combination of skills and services to make it happen for you.

Rapid prototyping

Responsive HTML5 implementation

Network security architecture review

User analytics

Lightning-fast API implementation

Single-page web app design / implementation

Agile Development workflow consulting

Scalable Infrastructure, DevOps

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3824 Cedar Springs Rd #801-7147, Dallas, TX 75219

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+1 313 355 2645

contact at elbii

3824 Cedar Springs Rd #801-7147
Dallas, TX, 75219